Hear what people are saying about Pike Creek Dental

"From the moment you walk in the door you'll immediately feel a sense of comfort. Whether it be from the warm, yet children friendly decor or the smiling and professional staff. My first two visits felt like I've been a patient for years. Dr. Robinson and his team really take the time to ensure you have a very pleasant and happy experience. It is for these reasons I strongly recommend Pike Creek Dental to anyone!"

"I love Pike Creek Dental. They remind me of the doctors' offices of my childhood, when people extended themselves and cared above and beyond for no other reason other than it was the right thing. It remains the right thing in 2014 at Pike Creek Dental. The entire staff is remarkable. And bonus: no pain ever. Ever."

"I'm normally someone that rarely goes to the dentist because it always seems like bad news. After having a couple problems with a few teeth, I bit the bullet and needed a dentist. Was referred to Pike Creek Dental and I am completely ecstatic with the the choice I made. The office is beautiful and the staff extremely nice and helpful. Dr. Robinson gave me a plan to address my dental issues and did an excellent job while I was there. Felt absolutely no pain and finally eating normally again! I recommend this practice to ANY and EVERYONE. You can't find a better office to fill your family's dental needs! Actually anxious for my next visit so I can get the rest of my pearly whites finished! A++"

"I recently switched from a practice I had been going to for many years and felt right at home in the new office at Pike Creek Dental. The dentist was thorough and the staff was professional and efficient. And everyone was friendly and accommodating. With a convenient location, you will have a great experience at Pike Creek Dental!"

“I love the friendliness of everyone on staff and know most of the people there now. We’ve become comfortable going there because of that. The dental hygienists are very good.”

“I really like Dr. Robinson and his whole staff. It’s not unusual to get follow-up calls from the nurses after a big procedure because they want to know ‘how it’s going, how are you feeling? Then Dr. Robinson will top it off and call too. They honestly care.”

“They’re superb in my book. I’ve referred many friends and family there, all of whom have not been disappointed. I tell everybody and anybody they’ve got to check Pike Creek Dental out.”

“They take great care of my teeth. And they are really good at nagging my kids about their oral hygiene.”

"A gal who worked there told me how gorgeous the office was, and that’s the reason I went there. But it wasn’t the beautiful fish tank or the amenities they had for children that impressed me – it was the staff.”

“It feels like I’m not just going to the dentist when I have an appointment. It's more of a fun time and you talk to everyone and the next thing you know you’re making your 6-month appointment.”

“I used to get sick just thinking about going to the dentist. Now I’m not worried about it at all.”

“I have changed my other doctors since I moved, because I didn’t have a deep relationship with them. They are like cards you can shuffle and trade. But not my dentist. Pike Creek Dental is a delight.”

“My 3 year-old twins love it. Not too many dentists want to deal with kids, but they do, and they’re great.”

“The word ‘like’ isn’t part of my vocabulary when it comes to them. I love going. I go when I have to, but I LOVE everyone in the office, they’re just great! I can’t give them a negative review about anything.”

“I would recommend them to anybody. I go out of my way quite a distance to go there now.”

“It’s a family place. They’re very caring. Their team all works together in a great manner. Very warm place to go. Everybody handles you with care.”

“It’s not like ‘I’ve got to go to the dentist,’ it’s more like, ‘Hey, when’s my next appointment?’ The dentists there are terrific.”

“I like that they’re on Facebook and the little contests they run. They seem very caring and interested in overall dental help for everybody, whether you’re a patient or not.”

“My daughter used to full-on dread going to the other dentist, but now she’s fine about going and getting a checkup. She and my son feel really comfortable there. They always have good music playing or you can put headphones in. It’s a much nicer experience — it doesn’t feel ‘dentisty.’ Video games in the waiting room is another big plus for the kids.”

“I have recommended Pike Creek Dental to several of my family members. Many of my friends look at my teeth and are amazed because they look so good. Pike Creek Dental did an amazing job. I’ll be 60 in two weeks and everybody says I look ten years younger! You want to be able to smile and not be ashamed or self-conscious. It gave me a lot of confidence back.”

“Everything’s been positive. Once my son turned 2 1/2, we started taking him to Pike Creek Dental... It's almost like extended family there. They’ve always been so caring and compassionate. Dr. Robinson and his team truly care about the whole patient — not just their teeth.”

“I just really like going there.”